A note for students of Paneurhythmy.
August 16, 2005
Note for students:

The Paneurhythmy is a sacred dance.  It is an essential organic part of the living teaching of the Master Peter Deunov (sacred name:  Beinsa Douno, who lived in Bulgaria from 1864 - 1944 save for a period of study in the United States, 1887 - 1895).

In order to understand and master this dance, it is necessary to know the teachings profoundly.  For that reason, the Paneurhythmy may be taught only by the disciples of the Master, people who know the spirit of this teaching and live within it - people who have mastered principles and methods of this teaching - people who have made it their life.   These are people who are of high moral character who are building their virtues, are vegetarians, do not smoke, do not use alcohol and drugs.

Those who want to study and learn Paneurhythmy in a real way, to benefit from it, have to bear in mind all that has been said above and direct their consciousness toward studying the whole teaching of the Master.  Without this, it will not be possible for them to attain the profound sacred meaning of this dance, or to receive and feel its living power.

Krum Vazharov, and
        Maria Mitovska

( from the introduction to their book  Paneurhythmy  published in Bulgaria )

"The new teaching is only for people with an
consciousness.  It is not for those
who live with old ideas."   # 372   
-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  

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