Information concerning Paneurhythmy
     About  Paneurhythmy:  Circle of Joy  .
     The Institute for the Development of Education Arts and Leisure I.D.E.A.L.  ).
                The Paneurhythmy website for the U.S.A.
                                created by Boris Mitov.
    2005   Photos from Boris Mitov  of the 11th Annual National Paneurhythmy Gathering
                at Vision of Peace Hermitages - Pevely, MO - June.
                One needs a "Flicker" account in order to view these photos.
    2008   Violin Music of Paneurhythmy  in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.
                Large file.  Five (5) megabytes.
    2008   Video of our 2008 National Gathering  
                in St. Louis, Missouri.  Video by Boris Mitov.
     Montana Paneurhythmy:   The Hearts Center 
     Find Sananjaleen here:   Sananjaleen 
     Visit Giselle E. Whitwell with   Prenatal Music  here.
     In memory of:   Rupa Cousins  - devoted teacher of the Paneurhythmy, see tributes to her work here.
"Humans study; angels serve."  --  Beinsa Douno
    For more information about the work of Beinsa Douno (the Master Peter Deunov) and to order books and music, contact Steve Bonn at:        Evera Books 



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