From a group of disciples of the Universal Brotherhood in 1940*


Human kind has passed through many epochs:  cultures have blossomed and changed on continents of which only portions now remain; races have been born, established their domain, created their civilizations, and after a time they declined, offering their places to other civilizations.  All these changes have almost always been accompanied by geological disturbances which sometimes made basic changes in the face of the earth.

Now human kind is living in such a time of transition.  A new epoch is coming in the world.  The big spiral of development is opening a new arc which will be manifested in a new cultural cycle.

From the cosmic center of life emerges a new wave which brings the conditions for a new life and a new culture.  These kinds of waves which follow a certain cosmic rhythm have been developed many times and they create new conditions for the development of the earth.  But the epoch which is now coming in the world differs from those of the past; it is remarkable for its special and unique cosmic composition.

According to the words of the Master Peter Deunov, “The whole solar system has reached the middle of its development.  The earth also has passed halfway in its development.  This conjunction means that two remarkable cosmic moments place the earth in a new position in relationship to the sun.”

The earth, according to the Master Peter Deunov, is entering into another region — the region of virgin matter which will fill us with a new vital impulse in the development of matter.  This process will not be performed all at once.  First it is necessary for the old to be totally liquidated so the conditions may be established which will permit humanity to enter the new medium.  Because of this liquidation process, all contemporary crises and upheavals — social, political, religious and moral — which humanity is experiencing so sharply, are occurring.

This “wave of fire” is already working in the world.  It will transform everything on the earth and fundamentally change the whole order of human life because this wave touches the center, the core, of life.  It aspires primarity to transform the consciousness of human beings, to move the center of their life from their personal consciousness toward the cosmic consciousness, from the personal life toward the collective genesis.  In this is actually hidden the deep meaning of all the difficulties which human beings are experiencing today.

This wave acts with great power.  Nothing can stop it.  It will destroy all the old forms in which life has developed until now.  The old forms cannot endure the pressure of the new spirit and cannot give expression to these vital forces which are now entering the world to do their work.  The only thing people can do is to adapt to this wave.  Those who succeed in coming into harmony with its vibration will be able to enter into its rhythm and they will enter a new state of development.  “They will prepare themselves to enter into the New Culture of Love whose social expression will be Brotherhood and Sisterhood among people, uniting nations in the name of Love.”  Many people think that it is early yet to talk about this — that it is a utopian fantasy.  “This is not utopian, but the real and present work of Living Nature which today directs its efforts exactly in that direction, sending its activity along these great, powerful lines.”  The old problems and challenges which are manifested in all areas of life are clearly evidence of that.  Moreover, the coming epoch will be an epoch for the realization of Love, but not only for her introduction and preparation as in the past two thousand years — “two days” in the Christian era.  Soon the “third day” will come and on this third day the teaching of Christ will be realized on earth, the culture of Love will be realized.  When Nature manifests her works, she does not fool around.

Cosmic Love is always manifested in Life.  It gives the first impulse of each New Culture.  Until now the manifestation of Cosmic Love in life was expressed as “inspiration in the heart, as feeling in the soul, and as power in the mind.”  But now, according to the teaching of the Master Peter Deunov, “Love begins to act as a principle in the spirit.”  That is why the coming epoch is so important.

Under the mighty influence of the Spirit which is working in the world and depositing the first impulses of the new, people are experiencing some worry and sorrow.  From this worry there is no exit.  In this situation of worry and sorrow they wander aimlessly looking for a way out, turning back again to the old lifeless forms which belong to the past.  This is the nature of all contemporary social experiments which are food for the collective egotism in spite of the new appearances which they assume.  They are only for the spiritually blind people.

The most essential and the most important is this:  to catch this new wave which is coming into the world.  This cannot be caught by the ordinary eye because it works inside in the world, transforming in order for it to be manifested outside in such forms or shapes in which it may grow.  The New is coming like the dawn.  It is coming like springtime.  It is bubbling forth like a spring, as a fresh current from the heart of life, bringing food for tormented human beings.  It is that without which life is absolutely impossible.  It cannot be thrown away because it is life itself, with its food, with its vital forms in which life is clothed, with its living air, light and warmth.  The New is not a thing which can be accepted or not accepted like a new scientific theory, religious creed, philosophy or ethical system or social ideology.

“The New is that without which life is absolutely not possible.”

Whoever can accept, adapt to it, will be saved for life.  Whoever cannot will become the compost of life.

The New has its carriers, its creators.  The New has its guides.  These guides are the Masters — the great geniuses, the great souls of humanity.  They tune the human consciousness according to these vibrations which are coming to renew the world.  Each wave has its special vibrations.  This wave is the carrier of specific forces which have been unmanifested until now in the life of humanity.  This wave requires special methods for realization of those opportunities which are hidden in it.  Those forms and methods which were useful and good in the past epochs are not valid in this moment.  But the people who do not know this turn to these old methods — they are stuck in the old ways.  However, it is important to know how the great Spirit in life is working now, not how it has acted in the past, because the living presence, full of opportunities “now” is the most essential thing.  This New which penetrates contemporary life, this work of the eternal renovating Spirit of the genesis, is actually revealed in the words of Peter Deunov.  He reveals Life in the way it is now manifesting.  He carries this light which now begins to illuminate human consciousness.  He is giving that which now begins to flow in life.  He leads us on this new path which is known only to the Great Souls who lead the human spirit toward the springs of life, light and freedom and who send the new currents to earth.

This Master of the Universal Brotherhood shows ways of living in the present time, among the conditions of contemporary life, amidst the bubbling current of daily life.  The meaning of the New lies not in going away from the world, by living fruitlessly as a hermit, but in being involved in this work which is going on now in the conditions of life itself where the threads of the eternally-creating Spirit penetrate.  Not in going away from the world, not in a mechanical change of outer environment, is the meaning of renovation.  It should take place mainly in the consciousness of human beings.  Then from within will go out these projecting rays which will show human beings the razoumnite [i.e., the wise and conscious] centers of life where the New is creating and where it is manifesting.

The Master of the Universal Brotherhood teaches human beings to listen to Nature and to observe its work in life, especially in their own life.  The Master connects human beings with the Spirit itself, with the Spirit of the New Life, and shows the way which they should walk in order to fulfil their mission according to their strength, the way to participate in the collective work of Nature.  “Work where the Spirit works — in the living presence” — as the Master taught.

Those who would like to know the contemporary work of the Spirit, who would like to study to find the living and ever-existing things, will find them “there” where the Spirit works, in the teachings of the Master Peter Deunov of the Universal Brotherhood.  For more than forty years he has worked in a small Slavic country, Bulgaria, where, in the middle ages, the teachings of the Bogomils appeared, which were expressed in the West in the Reformation, creating simultaneously core groups and communities of a spiritual, mystical nature.  The Master works among the greatest obstacles in a country which has a spiritual and geographical position as a crossroad between East and West.  Most of his public lectures on Sunday mornings have been recorded in shorthand.  They are published in about fourteen volumns.  They are a great treasure of wisdom.  He gave a similar number of lectures to the disciples of his spiritual school.  They formed spiritual Brotherhood groups throughout Bulgaria, in towns and villages which are connected with the central school in Sofia.  This school is in the beautiful region outside Sofia called Izgrev (i.e., Sunrise).  Izgrev is a community village where the disciples of the Universal Brotherhood live and study.  It is a true experimental field for application of the New Teaching.

As a result of the practical application of the ideas of this teaching, the following is true:  In the community of the disciples of the Universal Brotherhood live people of different nationalities and creeds, different levels and races, and in spite of that the understanding among them is that of brothers and sisters.  This fact has important social meaning.  It is an experiment, in spite of being in its early stages and within the framework of a small community, for brotherly and sisterly life in the spirit of love and freedom.  It demonstrates that in spite of their differences, people of different races, classes and creeds can live as sisters and brothers.  From this point of view, this experiment calls thinking people to pay attention.

It is clear that the community of the disciples of the Universal Brotherhood is a true school, a true laboratory in which an essential experiment is being performed.  The workers in this laboratory have the clear consciousness that the experiment is in its beginning and that it is difficult and requires many undaunting efforts.  The disciples, however, know that on the earth, reality consists only of that which can be applied.

In this way of methodical application, the Master of the Universal Brotherhood leads his disciples, preparing them to enter into the New Epoch.  According to the teaching of the Master Peter Deunov, “In the New Epoch, for the first time on earth a great Cosmic Act is being performed, for the first time the bond between Love and Wisdom is being created.”

We call the souls who are ready to work “there” — “where the Spirit works”.  Whoever wants to know more about the teachings of the Universal Brotherhood can contact his disciples.  Thus, a way will be found for all people to make close contact with the New which is emerging here.


*All quotations here are the words of Peter Deunov and are printed in italics.


Inspired by the Paneurhythmy and the teachings of Peter Deunov, we now, in this New Century, echo the call sent by these disciples seventy years ago.  We invite you to participate in the Paneurhythmy, to connect with this new wave of energy now coming to earth.  We invite you to study the lectures, now more widely available in English, and to practice the methods for development he gave.  May you too be inspired by his unique voice and may you play your part well in this great symphony of life!


"The old Heaven and Earth are the Heaven and Earth of sorrow.
Now God is creating a new Heaven and a new Earth
— a new Heaven and new Earth of joy.
Everything God has created in life we must love.
God wants to have children with cheerful hearts."

  # 1440  

-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  
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