Gathering in Montana for Paneurhythmy.
February 02, 2007
Note for guests:

Dear friends,

This year we have some exciting new events that I would like to share with you:

In the summer, we shall be having a week-long Retreat (July 26th - August 2nd) in Montana with Sister Natacha, Amy, Gilles and others joining us from the IDEAL Community in Canada, and possibly a great musician from Bulgaria.  The emphasis will be on the music, both singing and dancing, and sharing the communal life-style so beautifully inaugurated by Peter Deunov in the Izgrev Community.  Those of you who know the IDEAL Community will jump for joy, I know, at the prospect of being with them again.  There may also be the opportunity of also going to IDEAL with them before or after, if arrangements are made with them well in advance.

Amy, who runs Krassotta, is arranging accomodations which will vary according to people's needs and desires.   There will be beds in the main house at Krassotta in double or multiple rooms, as well as camping in the grounds, and single or double rooms at nearby guest houses.  Meals will be communal and mainly vegetarian.  The house has a wonderful deck from which to view breathtaking sunrises over the Bitterroot valley and far-distant mountains to the East; and each morning we will dance PanEuRhythmy in the beautiful grounds.

Immediately behind the property to the West the snowcapped Rocky Mountains rise steeply, affording ample opportunities for hikes and exploration. Joro and Maria were both delighted and enchanted by the whole situation in Krassotta (which means Beauty!) Both said they felt closer to the energy of Izgrev and the Rila mountains there than anywhere else they knew.

I shall be sending you more detailed information later, but hope that you will immediately pencil these dates in your calendars.  Please feel free to contact me at 415-499-8027 and ask any questions, so that I can know what you are looking for, and organise accordingly.

From mid-April to mid-May I shall be away teaching PanEuRhythmy in Poland and possibly visiting Maria in Bulgaria also.  I have been focusing on completing "Dance of the Soul" for publication both there and here before I leave.

On Saturday morning, March 24th, we shall be celebrating the "First Day of Spring" by dancing PanEuRhythmy with friends from all over the Bay Area.  These gatherings are always a memorable and joyous experience which we usually cap with a potluck brunch together.

Last Saturday we had a highly enjoyable introduction to PanEuRhythmy at Ella's kind invitation in Novato, so we shall be glad to welcome these new people to dance with us.  Kim would like me to give some more PanEuRhythmy classes in the next few weeks, so I shall let you know about these opportunities also.

Let me know about the summer Retreat as soon as you can.  Quite a few people are already planning to be there, and we want to make sure we can accommodate all who wish to come.

Blessings of Love, Light, Peace and Joy!



"Is the candle real or its light?  The light is real.
When the candle becomes light, that is real.
Reality is what can be seen and what can
direct you to God - to live in the sphere
of Love."   # 543   
-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  


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