The Teachings of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno).
The Teaching of the Master
I am one of those who is writing the Sacred Book but I am writing as the Light does.  My writing is not printed but it awakens the people.  It is the Living Word.
Keep the freedom of your soul.  Keep the power of your spirit.  Keep the light of your mind.
To serve, to respect and to love -- these are the rules of the New Life.
Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
I.   The Word of the Master
II.   The Teaching includes:
  A.   The Word of the Master:  Best Practice 
  B.   Paneurhythmy:  Photos 
  C.   Music:  Violin Score 
  D.   Prayer "The higher the consciousness of the human being,
the greater the chance of the prayer being accepted."  Prayer 
  E.   Methods for Healing and for Maintaining
Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health:  Attributes   Books 
  F.   Life Close to Nature:  Photos 
  G.   Living in Harmony as Sisters and Brothers --
This is the Life of the New Culture:  Events   Contacts 

"The foundation of the new teachings is
the great Love of God,
the great Wisdom of God
and the great Truth of God."
  # 1344  
-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  

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