Paneurhythmy is a harmonious creative manifestation of the Divine in the Universe.
The Paneurhythmy circle is a symbol of the great wheel of life, beauty and unity,  as well as the way of human consciousness toward perfection.
Paneurhythmy improves physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.   It strengthens the muscles and bonds;  increases the capacity of the organs and regularises their function;  improves breathing, blood circulation and nervous system functioning.   It rejuvenates and creates a beautiful body.
Paneurhythmy attunes us to the cosmic rhythm.   It activates the latent forces, talents,  and gifts within the human being to grow up and manifest them.
Paneurhythmy awakens the human soul to the Divine impulse.
Paneurhythmy stimulates the awakening and development of our spiritual gifts such as mercy,  compassion, love, faith and hope.
Paneurhythmy develops musical capacity and sensitivity.
Paneurhythmy links with the creative, constructive and organising forces of Nature;  thus, we receive life-giving energy.
Paneurhythmy is a great method for transformation and prepares our body,  mind heart for the new culture of Peace, Freedom, Justice, Harmony, Cosmic Love,  Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
Paneurhythmy provides contact and relationship with the Light beings and Angels,  which give us inspiration, enlightenment and assistance in our spiritual development.
Paneurhythmy promotes expansion of consciousness, the awakening of global cosmic consciousness.
Paneurhythmy unites us and harmonises our individual and collective energy.
Paneurhythmy is a powerful centre for transmitting Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony towards all souls.   It calls everyone to enter the Path of the Divine.
Paneurhythmy brings life, power, joy and beauty within the human soul.

"Paneurhythmy is the key of my teaching, which brings peace to human souls.  The Great souls must receive this key from you; you must give it to them.  It will open the souls still plunged in the world of oblivion.  The consciousness of these beings will be illuminated, and they will grasp the meaning of their life.  The great evolved Souls will implant in them the graft of Love, and this world, grafted from within, will acquire a new light and a new impulse towards all other aspirations:  from involution to evolution; from unending wars towards eternal peace; from hatred towards Divine Love; from egoism towards selfabnegation.

Sing and dance Paneurhythmy and my blessings will be with you."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

©  Maria Mitovska  2000.   First published in Bulgaria 2000 by Vsemir.   All rights reserved.
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