Paneurhythmy Events Happening in 2019.

In February:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

A "Monthly Call" takes place on each 2nd Sunday, at 5 p.m. central time, for one hour.  During this call, Paneurhythmy friends from all areas of the United States call in to discuss their practice, and to share of their local events and experiences as they practice Paneurhythmy and other methods taught by the Master Peter Deunov in their lives.
  Please contact Phyllis at 314-644-0014, or at  , for more information.

In March:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 22nd  --  Regular performance of Paneurhythmy begins.
See the  regional contacts  for group gathering times.

In April:

Make contact to be sure of these events.


In May:

Make contact to be sure of these events.


In June:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 14th  -  Kirkwood, Missouri.
7 pm  -  We will be enjoying a free evening concert of Sacred Music "Bulgarian Rhapsody" featuring violinist Yoana Strateva, professor of violin and chamber music at the New Bulgarian University; with piano accompaniment by Ivelina Ivancheva, a renowned pianist and a piano professor at Sofia’s “Pancio Vladigherov” National Music Academy, at the  Eliot Unitarian Chapel  , 100 S Taylor Ave., Kirkwood, MO.

The 20th  -  Kirkwood, Missouri.
7 pm  -  We will be enjoying a free evening performance of the Sacred Music of the Master Peter Deunov performed by the acclaimed violinist Svetla Kalcheva, at the  Eliot Unitarian Chapel  , 100 S Taylor Ave., Kirkwood, MO.

The 21st  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
6 am  -  HEARTLAND IN HARMONY @ Arch Grounds in downtown St. Louis, Missouri (and other places arranged by local groups).  We will "play Paneurhythmy" and speak our visions for peace and harmony - from the Heartland of "Turtle Island" to all of Planet Earth; and from all of Planet Earth to all our Solar System - This event is free.

The 21st-23rd  -  House Springs, Missouri.
4 pm  -  This Friday afternoon we will gather at:   Rockhaven Ecozoic Center  in House Springs, MO (45 min from STL on Big River) for a weekend of practicing Paneurhythmy and other methods, given by the Master Peter Deunov, for the spiritual elevation and transformation of humanity.
       Modeled after the gatherings and methods practiced by the brothers and sisters in Bulgaria, who have preserved and carried on this way of life, our days will begin with Morning Prayers, Songs, and Exercises.  And, we will experience Communal Meals lovingly prepared by our hosts, Jan and Diza.
       Our focus will be on deepening our practices and understanding of the most important aspects of this powerful way of life, so that we may grow together in Love, Wisdom, Truth, Goodness, and Justice.   We welcome all who seek to enhance their practice of Paneurhythmy and to incorporate its power in daiy life, growing in our capacity to live in harmony as sisters and brothers.
      For more information please contact:   Phyllis  ,  or call:  314-644-0014.

The 21st  -  Mt. Shasta, California.
Paneurhythmy will be played at Shastice Park.  David & Mona Lewis will be leading this event.
      For more information please contact:   David or Mona  ,  or call:  406-333-1712.

In July:

11th (12th)
Celebration of the 155th anniversary of Peter Deunov's Birth ( 1864 ).

In August:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

  -  Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
It seems that many of our group will be going to Bulgaria to attend the high holy days event during this time.
So  --  We will be determining later just what will be taking place in Colorado this year.

In September:

The 22nd - marks the final day of traditional Paneurhythmy practice and the first sacred day of the half year of inner study.

For this time of spiritual growth through inner work, please contact the local group
in  your region  for their study and group gathering times.

In December:

The 27th - Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Peter Deunov's Passing ( 1944 ).

"Whoever lives with God never grows old.  This one will
always be young.  With God, there is always health, happiness,
bliss, bright thoughts and bright feelings.  Life is with the Lord.
     He is Love, Light and Freedom.  Always rest in Him."

  --  Beinsa Douno
   # 1530   

Paneurhythmy Events From 2018.

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