Paneurhythmy Events Happening in 2018.

In February:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

A "Monthly Call" takes place on each 2nd Sunday, at 5 p.m. central time, for one hour.  During this call, Paneurhythmy friends from all areas of the United States call in to discuss their practice, and to share of their local events and experiences as they practice Paneurhythmy and other methods taught by the Master Peter Deunov in their lives.
  Please contact Phyllis at 314-644-0014, or at  , for more information.

In March:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 22nd  --  Regular performance of Paneurhythmy begins.
See the  regional contacts  for group gathering times.

In April:

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In May:

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In June:

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The 21st  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
6-8 am  -  HEARTLAND IN HARMONY @ Arch Grounds
played by Svetla Kalcheva - (with Classical Music as well)
at  Eliot Unitarian Chapel 
"Make Music St. Louis Day"

The 22nd  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
7am  -  PANEURHYTHMY in FOREST PARK  Everyone invited!  Live music!
Celebration of Day of Brotherhood -- of Connectedness -- of Spirit!
4 pm -  Gather at:   Rockhaven Ecozoic Center  (45 min from STL on Big River)
for fellowship -- Paneurhythmy each morning (all welcome to come out and join in)
with live music from Todor Papazov and Svetla Kalcheva
Also:  Stories from this tradition -- Joy of practicing -- "What is it like to be building the foundation for the New Culture of Kinship, Peace, Harmony?" -- Singing and Praying and Dancing and Sharing!
(We must ask @ $200. for room and board; day visitors special rate -- see RECenter website for info.)
For more information please contact:   Phyllis  ,  or call:  314-644-0014.

In July:

11th (12th)
Celebration of the 154th anniversary of Peter Deunov's Birth ( 1864 ).

In August:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 17th- 24th  -  Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Karen would like to invite you to join us to celebrate the new year in the Rocky Mountains.  This will be our Tenth Anniversary of Panurhythmy Dances in Pagosa!
We do hope that you will be able to join our celebration as we gather in friendship for the blessings we receive each time we come together.
If you wish to stay in town for our event, Brother George has rented a large, 3-bedroom/3-bath condo with a fully equipped kitchen to provide an indoor sleeping space and gathering place.  The condo will accommodate 12 people, plus floor space for more.  While there is no fee for the Paneurhythmy dances, a token fee of $100 for the week will enable you to stay somewhere in the house.  Check-in is at 4PM on Friday, Aug. 17th.  Check-out is at 10AM on Fri., the 24th.  Please use the following link to contact George in order to make lodging arrangements:   George  or call him at (918)458-3018 for more information.
We gather to celebrate the beginning of the divne new year as is done in the mountains of Bulgaria at this same time.  We will play Paneurhythmy and take excursions into the mountains.  Pagosa Springs has one of the best hot springs in the world.  The most panoramic view of the mountains in the San Juan Mountain Range is right outside our door.  We will be staying much nearer to Pagosa this year.  All are welcome.
The "High Day" for Paneurhythmy always falls on August 19th, which is on a Sunday this year.  We intend to dance the Supreme Cosmic Rhythm -- Paneurhythmy  -- at beautiful Williams Lake that morning, and each morning at various locations.  No experience is necessary.  Please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone you think would enjoy this gathering.
I will happily send details on the event to those who express interest in joining us as the date gets closer, so just give me a call!  at:  970-731-3138
Love and blessings,  Karen

In September:

The 22nd - marks the final day of traditional Paneurhythmy practice and the first sacred day of the half year of inner study.

For this time of spiritual growth through inner work, please contact the local group
in  your region  for their study and group gathering times.

In December:

The 27th - Commemoration of the 74th anniversary of Peter Deunov's Passing ( 1944 ).


"Freedom depends on human thoughts, feelilngs, and willpower.
If you have those three processes, you have a display of Love.
     Then true health, true happiness and true science come."

  --  Beinsa Douno
   # 1101   

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