Compilation of Songs by the
Master Beinsa Duno and His Disciples.


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Songs of the Master


For the first time, the complete songs of Beinsa Deuno and his immediate disciples (with exception of most of the Paneurhythmy music) are available with not only transliterated lyrics, but complete translation of the lyrics into English.  The notated music has additional harmonization with chord symbols, thus allowing guitar or piano players to accompany the singers.  In addition, valuable Explanatory Notes and exerpts from Beinsa Deuno's talks on music are included.  This book is available at:  .  Evera Books .

"Every song should bear light, warmth, and power.  Nature appreciates such tones filled with light, warmth, and power.  They are a Divine blessing to the world." - page 12 of the text.

"Without songs and music, human beings cannot enter the kingdom of God.  We may reach up to a certain height, but without music it will be impossible for us to climb further.  For one who wishes to serve God, music is one of the most important methods of inner work."

                  "Acknowledgements"  from Todor's book:

"This book is a result of collective efforts of many people who helped in one way or another for bringing it into reality.  We would like to thank all disciples and followers for preserving the teaching and the music of Beinsa Duno for future generations.  Thanks to all contributors for their help, support, and encouragements."


"Use music as a great gift given by God to humanity for its benefit.  Everything in the future culture will come on the path of musical harmony.  Through music the Spirit of God will give to humanity its most beautiful forms for the achievement of Goodness, Justice and Wisdom (Razumnost).  (Rila, 26 July 1942)"
  --  Beinsa Douno    # 1561   

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