Paneurhythmy in Pagosa Springs, CO!
2008 Summer Gatherings
The Pagosa Springs Paneurhythmy Group meets:
      Wednesday Mornings - 9:00 AM.
We meet at 153 N. Feather Court.
We would absolutely love to have anyone close by to share the blessing of
the Paneurhythmy in our beautiful Pagosa Springs!

Any questions?  Call Karen:  970-731-3138.

Light and Love,
Karen Aspin

"The disciple must recognise Love.  It may be
Through these three stages
all energies are transformed.
The disciple must live in spiritual and
Divine Love.
Physical Love changes and alters,
spiritual Love alters but does not change,
and Divine Love does not change or alter
- it only grows!"

  --  Beinsa Douno
   # 1529   

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