Paneurhythmy in Livingston, Montana!
2019 Gatherings
The Paneurhythmy is played:
      Sunday Mornings - 8:00-9:00 AM.
May 5 June 16, and June 30 Sept 1
The weather must be at least 40 degrees outside and not raining or snowing.

Any questions?  Call David or Mona:  406-333-1712.
We will also be leading the dance at Shastice Park in Mount Shasta, CA on June 21.

A person should love the food
and then take it in.
The mind, the heart, and the will
should take part in our eating.
God is sending His blessings to all our organs,
which should serve us through our food.
  --  Beinsa Douno
     # 1164   

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