Paneurhythmy in Memphis, TN!
( Photos below )

2008 Schedule
Our Memphis Circle meets on the grounds of The Pink Palace Museum
every Saturday at 9 a.m. during Spring and at 8 a.m. during Summer.

2007 Schedule
We meet every Saturday at Audubon Park at 8 a.m. in June, July, and August.
         In the Spring and Fall we meet at 9 a.m.
Most mornings we go out to breakfast after the Dance.

One may contact Linda at  or call 901-365-4592 for details.

"The imagination is the soil in which the best and the most beautiful things in life are created."
  --  Beinsa Douno
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Memphis Circle Dance
Paneurhythmy in Memphis - July, 2005
Memphis Paneurhythmy
"We have a delightful group this year, but it has been extremely hot all summer."
- Linda   2005

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