Paneurhythmy Gathering in the Rockies invitation.
July 1, 2006
Join us in August at our
Gathering in the Rockies
at Crestone, Colorado.

Dear sisters and brothers,

It is with great joy and anticipation that I am announcing the good news that our August gathering in the United States will take place in Crestone, Colorado.   Anyone who is interested in Paneurhythmy and the teachings of Peter Deunov is welcome to join us. The gathering will bring us together in the Rocky mountains during the same period as the Paneurhythmy gathering takes place in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria.

The best news is that we have a wonderful spacious single family home with a huge kitchen at our disposal for our community to use as headquarters for sleeping, food preparation, and for hanging out.  The rental cost is $175 per night and has accomodations for up to 14 people sleeping in beds or couches.  For further information on the house, please go to the internet -  .  The house is ours from check-in on August 17th to checkout on August 26th.  You are welcome to join us for all or any part of this time.  The cost per person will vary per night depending on how many others are staying each night.  The total cost of the reservation for the ten days is $1795 including cleaning fee and tax.

Many of us have been encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Bulgaria to hold our own gathering in the United States, somewhere in the mountains, at the same time the gathering takes place in the Rila Mountains.  This is our first time to invite all sisters and brothers from all over the North American continent to do just that.

And why Crestone?  A number of reasons:  it is near the center of the continent;  it is a sacred area visited by many tribes of Native Americans for vision quests for centuries; and because it is the home of many spiritual centers of many different traditions with whom we can share the teachings and music of Peter Deunov and cross-pollinate each others' teachings of Love, Wisdom, and Truth.

It also gives us a chance to explore the possibility of our group applying for a grant of some land here, where we might have a permanent presence for the living and teaching the Master Peter Deunov's Wisdom, in simplicity and love.  To begin such a possible undertaking at an auspicious time - we will be present during the new moon on August 23rd.

As in Bulgaria we will have the opportunity to do daily sunrise meditations, prayers, and singing, followed by Paneurhythmy after a leisurely breakfast and then there will be options for excursions into the mountains, visiting spiritual centers, going to hot springs or to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, or just hanging out at our beautiful house with 1.5 acres and all the comforts of home.  There can also be teaching and sharing about the music, the movements, and the teachings.

Please contact either myself, George Kilmer @ (918) 458-3018 or Phyllis Thorpe @ (314) 644-0014 with any questions or to reserve your spot.  The final payment on our reservation is due on July 15th, so if at all possible please let us know if you plan on joining us and for which days.  It would be helpful if you could send payment by that date, but it is not a deadline for anyone to register.  We will accept you anytime as long as we have space.  There are other lodgings and camping nearby also.

Peace be with you.  In Love and Light.

George Kilmer

"The new teaching is only for people with an
consciousness.  It is not for those
who live with old ideas."   # 372   
-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  

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