Paneurhythmy Events Happening in 2015.

In February:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

A "Monthly Call" takes place on each 2nd Sunday, at 5 p.m. central time, for one hour.  During this call, Paneurhythmy friends from all areas of the United States call in to discuss their practice, and to share of their local events and experiences as they practice Paneurhythmy and other methods taught by the Master Peter Deunov in their lives.
  Please contact Phyllis at 314-644-0014, or at , for more information.

In March:

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The 21st, Saturday  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
World's Fair Pavilion Hill in Forest Park. - At 8:00 a.m. Phyllis Thorpe will guide participants old and new through the Paneurhythmy Movements and Meaning.  We will meet on the east plateau, between the nature garden and trees -- or under the pavilion, in case of rain.

The 22nd  --  Regular performance of Paneurhythmy begins.
See the  regional contacts  for group gathering times.

The 22nd, Sunday  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
In celebration of Harmony and Brotherhood, we gather on the World's Fair Pavilion Hill in Forest Park (on the east plateau, between the nature garden and trees -- or under the pavilion, in case of rain) for the start of our 21st year "playing Paneurhythmy" here in the "heart of the heart" of our country.  Free and open to all!  Gather at 8:00 in the morning.

In April:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 26th, Sunday  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
EARTH DAY CELEBRATION in Forest Park. - We will share PanEuRhythmy from 1:00-1:30 in the afternoon, in the PEACE MEDITATION GARDEN (this year moved to be near the lake in front of the MUNY Opera).

In May:

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In June:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

The 18th  -  St. Louis, Missouri.
Svetla Kalcheva returns to the Heartland to perform a Special Concert of Classical and Sacred Music at the  Center for Divine Love  , the Divine Science Church, at 3617 Wyoming St., just west of Grand Avenue.  Parking is available in the church lot.
  This year's concert will be dedicated to the memory of Karen Shye-Woods, whose dedicated service to the Center and warm loving spirit still shine in the hearts of those who knew her.
Please contact:   Phyllis Thorpe , at:  314-644-0014 for more information.

The 19th- 21st  -  House Springs, Missouri.
at:   Rockhaven Retreat Center .   This year Svetla Kalcheva and Todor Papazov will be providing our violin music.  Beautiful!  Beautiful!  Beautiful!
  Please let us know of your attendance plans as soon as possible, so that we may plan accordingly.  A firm head count is needed by June 7th so that food arrangements may be made.
  A $200 fee will go toward the two day retreat for room and board.  Warm, clean beds and delicious vegetarian meals are prepared for us by the loving staff of Rockhaven.
  Any extra contributions will help toward scholarships, gratuities, also for all extra expenses.
For more information please contact:   Phyllis ,  or call:  314-644-0014.

In July:

11th (12th)
Celebration of the 151st anniversary of Peter Deunov's Birth ( 1864 ).

In August:

Make contact to be sure of these events.

In September:

The 22nd - marks the final day of traditional Paneurhythmy practice and the first sacred day of the half year of inner study.

For this time of spiritual growth through inner work, please contact the local group
in  your region  for their study and group gathering times.

In December:

The 27th - Commemoration of the 71st anniversary of Peter Deunov's Passing ( 1944 ).


"The disciple should be:
as firm as earth,
as mobile as water,
as quick as air,
as bright as light."

  --  Beinsa Douno
   # 1562   

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