The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) came in the beginning of the last century in order to give us the Divine Teachings and to show us the methods for spiritual development which are absolutely necessary, especially in this moment when a great process of transformation is taking place on our planet Earth.  Or, as the Master said, the Cosmic Spring is coming and our souls are beginning to awaken from our deep winter sleep.  Everywhere in the world, people are actively working for the awakening of the global consciousness as an important requirement for survival in this critical period of time, in this critical cosmic period of transition.  With Paneurhythmy, this can be achieved in a natural way ― with harmonious movements performed in a prayerful state of consciousness to the music which is an expression of a higher cosmic rhythm.

Paneurhythmy is a Divine gift which was brought down from Heaven by the Master Beinsa Douno.  He says:  "The Paneurhythmy is the front line of my teachings."   It is accepted in a most easy and loving way by many people.  That is why, through Paneurhythmy, many people have been introduced to and connected with his teaching.  When you enter into its life-giving circle, and when you experience the majesty of Paneurhythmy, it is difficult to forget.

According to the Master:  "Paneurhythmy is a large science and great art, which in the future will be studied and applied in its fullness."  [unpublished notes of Boyan Boev]

"The Paneurhythmy attunes human beings, organizes and harmonizes their inner forces, coordinates them and directs them towards ',razoumen* jivot' – conscious life."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p.18]

"Paneurhythmy is not only a dance; it is a conscious contact with 'razoumnata* Priroda' – conscious Nature.",  [unpublished notes of Boyan Boev]

The Paneurhythmy is performed and experienced on many levels :  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Divine.  For this to occur, those participating must be awake and conscious at all these levels, so that they can be alive within us, interpenetrate and manifest in a harmonious way.

"Human beings may perform the Paneurhythmy movements beautifully and gracefully when they think, feel and act well in each moment."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 18]

Mechanical performance of the movements, only at the physical level, is not yet the true Paneurhythmy.  The physical movements are very beautiful and graceful; the wonderful music inspires and uplifts us.  This assists in the harmonious development of our bodies, but Paneurhythmy has also another much more profound meaning – to awaken the souls to the new ideas, to the new culture which is now coming on earth.

The Master said:  "Paneurhythmy is not an ordinary dance.  In its movements are embodied the ideas which build and create the new culture.  In its movements are hidden some coils with magic power or might through which the creative powers of the human soul will be activated – the powers which await their development."  [Boyan Boev, THE ATTUNEMENT OF THE HUMAN SOUL, Vol. III, 2001, p.31]  The Paneurhythmy begins with the exercise "Awakening" which means that:  "The human soul must be awakened and manifest its unearthly beauty."  [Ibid, p. 33]

"Paneurhythmy awakens the Divine nature in human beings."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 21]  "The extent to which you perform the Paneurhythmy with consciousness and concentration will determine the level of the results you achieve.  This contributes to the germination and growth of the precious gifts which are deposited in the soul of each person."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p.7]

The Paneurhythmy is based on seven fundamental principles:  the principle of razoumnost,* the principle of correspondence, the principle of vibration or movement, the principle of polarity, the principle of rhythm, the principle of cause and effect and the principle of unity or similarity.

"Paneurhythmy is based on the laws of correspondence between idea, word, music and movement.  Because only when the movements strictly correspond to the words and music will they have this revitalizing effect on the human being."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 14]

"In Paneurhythmy, each line of movement strictly corresponds to certain powers of the human organism and the human consciousness and awakens them so they can become active."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 16]

"Paneurhythmy exercises are based on the cosmic laws concerning the connection between human beings and the energies of nature, thus enabling their use for spiritual growth."  [Boyan Boev, THE ATTUNEMENT OF THE HUMAN SOUL, vol. III, 2001, p. 32]

The Paneurhythmy was given by the Master Beinsa Douno as a spiritual practice for our contemporary period of human development, a time of evolution.  Paneurhythmy is in harmony with the forces now arising in human beings and in our life on earth.  They are:  goodness, righteousness (righteous judgment or discernment), razoumnost,* harmony, brotherhood, freedom and cosmic love.  These words may sound familiar, but the energies connected with them in this time are entirely new.  Paneurhythmy awakens and activates them.  According to the Master:

  "Goodness is the immovable rock, the firm foundation on which the razoumen* life is built.  Everything which is built on goodness is indestructible."
"Righteousness (righteous judgment or discernment) is the beautiful distribution of the light, warmth, power, and all the blessings which Nature very generously gives us.  Righteousness is a condition for correct growth, natural development and progress."
"Razoumnost* is the expedient use of light, warmth, power and all other blessings in their specifically-designed, perfect way.  Only where razoumnost* reigns do fruits appear.  Razoumnost includes the great Wisdom, the great Knowledge which reveals the powers, the laws and the methods for work."
"All beings represent a great cosmic orchestra.  When there is harmony among them, then the great conductor will bring through this orchestra the music of the razoumen* (conscious) life.  He will manifest his great Majesty, the beauty of his thought and the beauty of his Love.",
"The culture of brotherhood and sisterhood among all nations is coming.  This idea is arising in human consciousness at this time."
"Freedom is eliminating all barriers, all limitations and all obstacles which impede the Divine nature of human beings from being manifested in the world, with all its beauty, magnificence and glory."
"Cosmic Love contains all these forces; it carries them within itself.  Cosmic Love is now being born in the human consciousness as a new conception of the essence of life."
"Paneurhythmy is preparing the way for a new and beautiful life which is coming – a life of freedom, righteousness, razoumnost,* harmony, brotherhood and sisterhood, freedom and cosmic Love."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, pp.27-30]
Each Paneurhythmy exercise has profound spiritual meaning and symbolism.  "All twenty-eight Paneurhythmy movements represent a continuous process of the development of consciousness toward perfection and all have their inner meaning."  [Boyan Boev, THE ATTUNEMENT OF THE HUMAN SOUL, vol. III, 2001, p 32]

With each exercise, we are studying some principles, laws and rules from the teachings of the Master Beinsa Douno on which Paneurhythmy is based, and it is not enough only for us to know all this.  We also need to develop some criteria so that we can discern whether we are doing this and how to do it.  According to an example of the Master, each of the numbers:  10, 100, 1000, etc., is higher in value than the previous one.  But all these numbers, if they had no "1" in the beginning, would be only "0."  In the same way, we may perform perfectly the physical movements of Paneurhythmy, but if we do not place a "1" in the beginning, which is the spiritual essence and power of Paneurhythmy, the Paneurhythmy will be converted into a mechanical sum of movements, and will lose its basic, fundamental value.

It is unfortunate that some people think that the spiritual element is "out of date."  The Master said:  "The performance of Paneurhythmy is to express the spiritual; the rhythm of the dance at the physical level leads us to the rhythm of our spiritual life."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 6]

"Its power for human beings lies in the concentrated performance of the movements.  Do the Paneurhythmy exercises with love, with your heart, and not mechanically.  When you are doing them mechanically, there is no benefit."   [unpublished notes of Boyan Boev]

"When we perform the exercises, the Living Nature is taking part in the movements.  It sees whether there is rhythm, It sees whether they are performed consciously and rhythmically, and when It notices that they are not, It does not take part and then the whole work of the human beings is done for nothing; it is mechanical."  [Boyan Boev, THE ATTUNEMENT OF THE HUMAN SOUL, vol. III, 2001, p.28]

We would like to share with others, to spread the teachings and the Paneurhythmy  –  this which we have learned and experienced.  There is a famous instance in which a disciple asked the Master how to spread the teachings ― "As the violet hidden under the trees in the forest."  This is the way in which we should work.  Our bright thoughts, noble feelings and unselfish deeds are the fragrance of the violets.  It is clear that in order for the teaching to be spread in a true way, in a correct way, we ourselves should be fragrant like the violets; i.e., we should be carriers of this teaching, living according to its principles and rules, radiating this with all our beings.  This applies most of all to the spreading of the Paneurhythmy.

Considering everything which has been published until now ― in the mass media, in the formation of foundations, courses of study, videos, internet, etc. as well as the living performance itself, it is clear that everyone has accepted Paneurhythmy in the way they feel and understand, according to their level of development.  This is natural and normal; we are different and there is nothing wrong in this.  Some people are just beginning, others are more advanced.

The Master said:  "Some disciples who are now entering the school are only observing.  That is why they must study the experiences of the disciples who are older and more advanced than they.  You should advance in a correct way.  Now all disciples would like to be close to the Master.  This cannot be done.  You must find a way to learn from one another.  You should ask the more advanced disciples about some lessons which I gave.  There should be mutual respect among all disciples.  The young disciples should have respect toward the older.  I want you to solve all the difficulties in life and everyone who conquers the greatest difficulties will have my respect."  [19 August 1927, quoted in the periodical POWER AND LIFE, 1995, No 1-2, p. 49]

The problem appears when some people who do not know the teaching of the Master, or who are just entering into this teaching, try to adapt Paneurhythmy to their level or way of life. They press others to conform to their understanding.  They present only their way of dancing as the 'true Paneurhythmy.'  Self-willed changes and deviations made in the Paneurhythmy reflect on its higher levels.  This interrupts the correct flow of energies in the spiritual spheres and Paneurhythmy is not able to fulfill its main purpose.

When we dance Paneurhythmy, we are focused, our thought is dedicated toward the Supreme, the Divine.  We make a continuous exchange with Living Nature and the environment.  If someone who participates has a negative attitude toward this, or they cannot feel and accept it, they seriously interfere with the whole dance.  This is why we are responsible for the thoughts and feelings we have when we enter the dance.  The Master was severe in regard to this.  For example, a disciple of the Master told this story:  "Once, when we were dancing Paneurhythmy, a brother made a comment to the others.  After the Paneurhythmy, we all went to kiss the hand of the Master, and when this brother approached him to kiss his hand, the Master withdrew it and said:  'Brother, today you did not dance the Paneurhythmy.'   This brother replied:  'Master, I did dance.'  Then the Master said:  'Your name is not written above.' " (see the lecture "Your names are written above", SACRED FIRE, 1926, p. 101-128)  That is why we need to present these facts, however painful, in order to help many souls who seek the true path, so they can orient themselves and make the correct choices regarding what source books they will use and from whom to learn and study Paneurhythmy.  Once more ― it needs to be underscored ― Paneurhythmy is a mighty method for spiritual development and cannot be brought down to the level of the common gymnastic exercises.

According to the Master:  "Paneurhythmy ― this is a high method which should be applied now for the education of individuals, of society, and of human kind.  The harmonious movements of Paneurhythmy are connected with human thoughts and feelings, otherwise the movements will be mechanical and they will not have this awakening and renovating effect on the mind and soul."  [unpublished notes of Boyan Boev]

The Master says:  "First learn music and exercises, and then theory!"  [unpublished notes of Boyan Boev]

Now, twenty years after the 10th of November, 1989 (the date of the fall of communism in Bulgaria), Paneurhythmy is being danced freely, studied, taught and spread.  The movements are generally known; now it is time to pay more attention to its spiritual meaning and essence.  For that purpose, serious study, research and application of the Master's teaching are required, as well as intensive inner work.

In spite of the difficulties, it is absolutely necessary for us to develop correct criteria for the exact performance of Paneurhythmy, not only on the physical level, but also on the higher levels, which are very important.  When we begin to work in that direction, we will surely achieve results.  Many people have passed this way before us.  Let us go forward, "step by step."  Let us perform, every day, at least one good deed.  Let us think, every day, one bright thought.  Let us send, every day, at least one warm feeling to our friends, to those dear to us, to all those who are working in the same direction ― who love the Paneurhythmy, who honor and respect the Master's great work, and who have dedicated themselves to this great purpose.  Let us do our inner work, to achieve such virtues as patience, compassion, love toward God, etc.  Meanwhile, in order that Love may enter us, it is necessary that we have absolute purity.  This means that we must be vegetarian, not drink alcohol or use drugs or engage in immoral activities, etc.  This is connected with the symbolism of the ninth exercise, "Purification".

The Master says:  "Only those who have purity of body, mind and heart will understand what human happiness is and what the cosmic Love is.  When human beings enter into the kingdom of purity, there will flow through their hearts the crystal life-creating current of the cosmic Love."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 30]

In order for us to be able to consciously realize whether we dance and experience the Paneurhythmy correctly, we should learn how to live razoumo* (wisely) and to behave, or act, righteously.  Also, let us work hard to build true brotherly and sisterly relationships, to establish harmony where everyone finds their own place – their own "seat in the orchestra" – and fulfills their mission as a small particle within the Whole.  "When is the human being in harmony with the Whole, with this cosmic organism, so that it can accept its rhythm, its pulse?  When a person is good, righteous (discerning), and razoumen* (wise), when Love is flowing through him, flowing through her, because righteous judgment, discernment and love are the fundamental principles which rule in Nature.  When the individual human being is in harmony with the Whole, then the rhythm, the lines of the Cosmic Paneurhythmy, are flowing through their being, are being expressed by him or her."  [Beinsa Douno, PANEURHYTHMY, 1941, p. 18]

Hard work, patience – along with open minds and hearts – are required to achieve harmony.  The conscious performance of Paneurhythmy provides an essential contribution to this process, and each deviation inevitably creates disharmony and confrontations, impeding the process.  That is why we must be awake and aware, so we may see when we have made a mistake and seek immediately to restore harmony.  This is a very delicate challenge and requires a lot of love in our relationships, deep knowing and understanding of the teachings, and commitment to recognizing and solving the concrete problems as they arise, according to the main principles and rules given by the Master Beinsa Douno.

Let us begin to dance Paneurhythmy with awe and prayer, to concentrate our thoughts toward the spiritual meaning of the exercises, to feel the higher feelings ― love toward God and our neighbours, to be overflowing with Divine joy.  Let each dance be a pilgrimage.  Let us unite with the harmony of the whole universe and embody the eternal rhythm.  The Master said:  "The main idea which must occupy our consciousness when we dance Paneurhythmy is the idea of God, of eternal Razoum,* of Living Nature, of the rising sun and of the awakening of the human soul."  [Boyan Boev, THE ATTUNEMENT OF THE HUMAN SOUL, vol. III, 2001, p. 32]

Only in this way of dancing can the deep inner changes of transformation be performed in our whole being.  We will be open to the Divine.  It, as a great force, will flow through us and will awaken us to a new life in the new epoch which now is beginning.  We shall grow spiritually.  Our virtues will become alive and will begin to work within us.  And only then can the harmonious movements of the Paneurhythmy bestow their magic influence and blessings.  Only then will the Paneurhythmy be able to fulfill its main purpose as a sacred dance for the awakening and blossoming of the human soul!

*Razoumen (razoumnost, razoumna, etc.) is a Bulgarian word for which there is no direct translation in English.  It contains the ideas of reason, common sense, wisdom and deep spiritual intelligence combined.  It also points toward the deep inner meaning and relatedness that exists within and between all things.

Maria Mitovska, 2010, Bulgaria,
[Published in the periodical GRAIN OF WHEAT, 2010, No 23 (2), p. 46-50]

Thoughts from Phyllis Thorpe August 2010 ~

Those of us in the English-speaking world who love Paneurhythmy and are eternally grateful for the many blessings and great joy it has brought into our life cannot fully express the depth of our gratitude to those who have devoted themselves to sharing the Paneurhythmy with us.  We deeply appreciate the classes, presentations at exhibitions and fairs, books and written accounts, sponsorship of touring musicians and teachers, personal sharing with individuals and small groups, and their inspiring personal dedication.

In St. Louis, we have been meeting for the past fifteen years, twice a week, usually in Forest Park, to "play Paneurhythmy."  We have also shared Paneurhythmy in our community.  It has been part of Earth Day celebrations for many years.  In the beginning, we performed it unofficially, before the opening ceremony, as a way of "blessing the space."  In recent years, it has been part of the official program and has been a cherished part of the Peace Meditation Garden.  We have performed Paneurhythmy at the dedication of local parks; it has been featured at local spiritual and environmental expos; it was introduced to participants in our local co-housing gatherings.  We feel privileged to have offered this service and to have received the many blessings and benefits it has brought us as well.

Maria's article reminds us that the Paneurhythmy has a deeper, more profound and vital purpose as well.  It is up to those of us who love the Paneurhythmy to "preserve, protect and defend" its essential role:  to serve as a unique spiritual link with the Divine, with heaven itself.  We must preserve its power by the devotional consciousness we bring to this sacred dance each time we participate in it.  We must "hold the sacred space."

It is said that many of our folk dances evolved originally from sacred dances.  We can feel in the Paneurhythmy a link with these ancient holy rituals.  There is a danger that the Paneurhythmy too may be allowed to devolve in a similar way, becoming more popular, social and therapeutic than sacred and holy.  We must not allow this to happen.  We must enter the Paneurhythmy circle as a holy temple, having done our individual work of devotion and purification.

Let us continue to share Paneurhythmy as seems appropriate to our time and place.  Let us continue our faithful practice and our invitation to others to join us.  Let us never forget its true purpose.  Let us dedicate ourselves to living the life it symbolizes.

Phyllis Thorpe
August, 2010


"The smallest virture brings peace and harmony
among people and among the disciples.

'Lord, send us the smallest virture.'
All disciples should display the smallest virtue
― to forgive.  Forgiveness
is the smallest and the most humble virtue"

  # 1340  

-  Beinsa Douno    
( Peter Deunov )
1864 -1944  
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