Paneurhythmy in California!

West Coast PanEurythmy Cirles meet usually weekly.
         For more information:
please contact one of the following in your area.

Location:Call: At:
Berkeley: Joyce (510) 758-2910
or      Dorothy (510) 527-2350
Danville: Jan(925) 820-7542
or      Grace (925) 457-9116
Los Angeles: Elena (323) 842-1787
  Victor (323) 913-1720
or      Rossen (949) 350-2737
Marin: Ardella (415) 499-8027
Mount Shasta: Aaron (530) 918-3391
Palo Alto: Elizabeth (650) 326-6394
or      Bob (650) 269-7930

"The life we have on Earth is one of the best.  Let us give thanks for it.  Nature also has a need to be loved.  If you caress a tree, Nature as a whole rejoices.  If you caress the water, the light, Nature as a whole rejoices.  Thus we are conductors of the Great Love of God that is being manifested through us."
  --  Beinsa Douno
      # 837   


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