Paneurhythmy in New York City, NY!
Saturday, MAY 27, 2006
Venue:  Spark, 161 W. 22nd St., NY, NY 10011
Lecture:  6 - 8 PM
Concert:  8 - 9 PM

Paneurhythmy Dancers
We invite you to join us!!!
The Sacred PanEuRhythmy Dances of Peter Deunov offer us a joyful spiritual practice and a personal experience of unity.
  • The first 28 movements awaken us to our own potential and help us to develop and harmonize heart, mind, soul, and spirit.
  • The SUNBEAMS, with its beautiful hymn to Mother Earth, coaxes our budding spirit to blossom.
  • The PENTAGRAM symbolizes the evolution of the human soul toward Divine perfection.  As we dance, we embody the Pentagram of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Goodness.
Performed outdoors in the morning these inspirational exercises set to music bring us in contact with the vital forces of Nature balancing energies.  The movements are simple and gentle.  They strengthen the spine and rejuvenate the whole body, reducing stress and enhancing creativity.  Paneurhythmy is performed now by thousands of people around the world bringing body, mind, heart, and will in harmony and promoting health and joy.
Suggested donation:  $10.  For more information contact Nevenka at 914-552-2169
About the instructor:
Antoaneta Krushevska is the author of the English version of the book on Paneurhythmy.  She has been giving tutorials to many dance groups and spiritual societies around the world.  She is a committed and inspiring teacher of Paneurhythmy as an approach to world peace and harmony.  She blends beautifully her scientific career and spiritual path and metaphysical work.
About the musician:
yoanaYoana Strateva graduated from the Music Conservatory in Sofia and specialized in violin and chamber music in France.   She is a laureate of several international competitions.
She is a professor of violin and chamber music at the New Bulgarian University.   Yoana has given concerts in England, Greece, France, USA, the Netherlands, Morocco and other countries.   She has been featured on a variety of Beinsa Douno CD's:  
"Duet Esoteric" with Peter Ganev, "Paneurhythmy" with her son, Bozhidar, and "Music on Violin and Guitar" with Petyo Tzanov.
Yoana has always been the favorite
PanEuRhythmy musician, both in Bulgaria and abroad.  She is very knowledgeable about Peter Deunov, and speaks from her own deep experience of living by his teachings even under the most difficult of circumstances.  She has opened the heart and soul of many to their depth and relevance through her powerful and soulful playing of his music.

Concert of  Sacred Music 
Sunday, MAY 28th, 2006.

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